February 2017

From the day Arcadia opened its doors in 2001, the mission of the gallery was to seek out and present highly skilled, representational artists whose unique imagery and style could be immediately recognized by collectors. Nowhere is this directive more apparent than in the energized, oil paintings by Ukranian artist, Denis Sarazhin.

As if frozen in time, Sarazhin's elongated figures never the less continue to "visually vibrate" off the canvas with an intensity of color and dynamism that is a trademark of this young painter's works. Sarazhin's young men and women leap, dance and pantomime their way through their lives unconcerned with being watched.

Arcadia will debut three, new oils at the Palm Springs Art Fair and we look forward to sharing this artist's work as we exclusively represent Denis Sarazhin in the United States. This year will culminate with the artist's very first, one-man exhibition this coming December at Arcadia Contemporary.

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