Lukasiewicz was born in 1974 in Pulawy, Poland and since 1995 lives and work in Antwerp, Belgium. “My paintings are of the human form, the soft tenderness that it can transfer to the viewer; never the anger of the world but the peace and harmony that humans are capable of. I have been influenced by living in Belgium and painters of the Benelux countries and I try to show the placid side of the subject using light, the reflection of light and the shadows to emphasize the subject’s form and curves. I never use color but the subtleness of tone to achieve these effects. I try to achieve the smoothness of skin and the body so no brush strokes are visible to the viewer. I have developed this technique for painting the human body and have works in many collections.”

In his most recent paintings, Michal has started to explore how bold, “patches” of color can create a more “contemporary dynamic” to his classic, figurative works.

YOUTUBE: Portrait Painting